HBDA-T2: Camper Body Construction

Now its onto the long process of building the body out of aluminum. The entire trailer was build by me in a CAD program. So from that I disassembled the parts of the trailer (tubing) and made cut lists. A friend of mine came to help start making all the cuts. Jim, the customer, arrived after the first couple weeks of building at took over cutting the material.

All the base tubing is clamped into the chassis.

The outside edges (corners) are welded together with my aluminum wire feed attachment to my welder.

Once welded all of the anchor holes are drilled. The top holes are larger to allow the bolt head and socket to clear.

I made a quick jig on my steel table and made the wheel wells. Then welded them on.

The body frame was secured to the chassis with self tapping bolts. Up rights for the lower walls are also cut and ready for welding on.(on tongue)

Next I start working on the rear kick up. Notches are made to create the correct bend. This was also designed in CAD. Makes production go much faster.

This is how the kick ups are to be placed.

Lower section of the wall welded and kick ups welded in place.

Lower wall mostly complete.

Extra bracing is placed in the corners.

A temporary cross bar was placed between the tops of the lower wall. This helped from warping while welding. Aluminum warps a ton when heat is applied.

So far looking good.

Middle wall started.

The middle wall on the back was tricky to keep square. I used a piece of steel tubing to help. This steel tube was also used on the lower walls.

Top bars on the middle wall set in place.

Upper perimeter completed. The customer Jim standing inside. He’s over 6 foot tall by the way. Jim also put in a plywood floor. The original plan was to use a composite material for the floor, though in a time crunch we opted for plywood instead. The underside of the plywood was coated with bed liner material.

A crap ton of clamps were used to fasten the aluminum to the steel tubing, so everything stayed plum and square.

Next I work on the rear windows.

Another angle of the windows.