With the lifts working properly we finished skinning the exterior and installed the windows.

The door was trimmed with 2 inch wide aluminum strips for an outside edge for the weather stripping.

The split between the doors has weather stripping as well.

Final adjustments on the latch catch are made.

All the edges then got trim. Attached with 3M VHB tape. This took a few days.

The final results were awesome.

One thing that wasn’t finished on time was the spare tire carrier.

We finished right on the deadline. So we decided to have a couple beers. The next morning Jim had to begin his long drive back home.

The next morning I followed Jim out of town. We hit a small trail to do quick testing and snap a few photos.

Trailer looks a bit dirty since we forgot to wipe all our hand prints off before taking photos. After working 16 hour days strait for over a month, I wasn’t all there mentally. This project is definitely one of the coolest things I’ve done and would like to build myself something similar one day.

From here Jim started building the interior out. I don’t have any photos right now, though I’ll ask him if he can send me some. The aluminum sheeting got a layer of high-density polyethylene (HDPE). Then a layer of polystyrene for insulation.

You can find his portion of the build at BackcountryVehicles.com

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