HBDA-T2: Reinforcements & Air Suspension

Before getting to far ahead, some steel work needs to be finished. The step is filled in with 3/16 inch plate.

The front section is given a 3/16 inch gusset since the base step frame is only 1/8 inch thick.

Corner marker lights are given 1/4 inch guards.

As well as the brake lights.

The tongue is given 1/4 inch plate reinforcements where the 2×4 tubing is welded together.

On to air bags. I spent a while to figure out the geometry in CAD for the suspension. I wanted to make sure the air bags didn’t overextend, compress too much or tear from the axle swinging forward. Then I had a neighboring shop cut the parts out with their PlasmaCam. Upper and lower air bag plates are then fastened to the air bags.

Shock mount/reinforcing brackets are tacked on lower air bag plate.

A 2×4 section of chassis tubing is welded on to attach upper plate of air bag.

Upper shock tabs are welded on to chassis and gussets are welded on upper air bag plate.

After everything is tacked in place air bags and shocks are removed for final welding. The shock used is just temporary. The shocks ordered didn’t arrive in time, so we used some cheap ones that were the same length.