HBDA-T2: Suspension & Chassis

Then the whole chassis is flipped over to align the axle for mounts.

Once aligned and mounts tacked in place I begin welding up the chassis.

After welding I grind down the exterior welds.

Next I square up the tongue.

Then weld the outside seams.

Receiver tubing is squared up and tacked in place.

The backside of the back tongue tubing is cut out, so I can weld and tie the rear of the receiver tube to the outside.

Then I cut a 2×4 section to continue where the receiver tube ended.

I clamp everything down and weld it all up.

Back to the stair well.

I flip over the chassis again and place it on jack stands. Then finish the stair well support. I angle the ends so there isn’t a hard edge.

Base chassis complete.

Next I work on getting the axle square with the chassis.

Then I weld up the spring perches.

Then toss on the 35″ BFG KM2’s.

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