Time for a short vacation. I haven’t taken a trip since last October and my feet are getting itchy. So, as a last minute trip I tossed some food in my trailer, hooked it up to my Ranger and hit the road for the High Sierras.┬áBeing a science nut I made a stop to Mojave Space Port. This is where Space Ship One is located and I got a glance of the takeoff plane outside The Spaceship Company’s hangar. At the entrance of the facility was a small museum of sorts. A replica of Space Ship One was in a small building.

Next to SpaceShipOne was the Rotory Rocket, which was massive.

Small buildings lined the narrow streets. Outback of one of the buildings was a bunch of old plane fuselages.

After I spent a bit wandering around I hit the road again towards Bakersfield. The drive through Tehachapi was pretty cool. Just outside of Bakersfield I turn back East headed for Lake Isabella.

Crossing back to the East Sierras headed North on 395 for a bit then setup camp before sunset.

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