Today I wanted to get through Texas and all the flat boring land. I fueled up the bike and hit the highway. Just before I crossed into Texas a trucker tried to run me off the road. He decided he wanted to pass another semi while going uphill. Needless to say he didn’t bother looking. I specifically mounted my headlight to point right at a semi truck’s driver window so this wouldn’t happen. The scary part was the road had a lip on the left side about 2 inches tall from being repaved. I almost lost control when I went over the lip in my quick jerking reaction to get away from the truck. Having flashbacks as a kid trying to get up a curb with my bicycle, I knew I’d go down if I tried to get back on the road. Especially going 60 mph. I was stuck between the rumble strip and the lip, a spot about a foot wide. Five miles or so the road flattened back out so I could get away from the edge. I stopped off at the next gas station to calm down. Mostly from being pissed off.

The rest of the day was pretty boring. Just driving through the flat lands in 95 degree heat. I stopped frequently to get water and fuel. At one stop I pulled up next to a gas pump and pushed the kickstand down with my foot. As I move to prop the bike on the kick stand it keeps going down. The kick stand wasn’t fully down and the bike was going over. I stopped it from falling with thanks to my helmet pushing against the pump. I got it on the kickstand and went inside to pay. After filling up I walked the bike over to rest. I was exhausted. I need to take a break first before getting fuel on my next stops. Checking the weather it doesn’t look like it will be cooling off and time soon.

I stopped off to take a break on the same exit I had used back in 2007. Yep, I’d been here before and crossed the USA before. Though that was a much larger 22,000 mile trip I did that literally went from┬ácorner to corner of the USA and Canada. Arizona, Florida, Nova Scotia and Alaska to name a the farthest reaches of that trip. More about that trip here. I was in a sense good to be back on a similar trip and crossing my old path. Though, the flatness continues as I ride on…

I stop at a hotel again since I was beat from the long ride and heat. As I’m unpacking my bike a 7 year old kid comes up and starts asking questions about my bike. Then ask how much each of my things are. Hmmmm…. I wonder what he’s up to. More so who’s coaching him. I bullshitted the kid for a while until I discovered my key doesn’t work on the room. I carry all my stuff up to the front office as I didn’t want anything stolen. I got a new key card and told the lady at office about the kid. She said she will let security know who checks in around 9 am. Mean while I head back to room and notice a sign. “We’re not liable for theft”. I said screw that. I rolled the bike into my room and called it a night.

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