MX2: Finishing Cab Metal Work

While between welding the roof curves I started creating the final rocker panel piece. For this I used a English Wheel to create the curve. (My first time on using one as well)

Dry fitting.

Then its onto welding everything up.

After welding all of the odds and ends, I cleaned up the welds.

Then I rough sanded everything and painted on a white primer.

Onto the interior panels. I created the filler neck bulge on the new wheel well. (somehow I lost the photos of creating this)

Underneath where the filler neck is accessible for repairs.

Next I use construction paper to create a template of the top potion. This will be where the cab is sealed from the wheel well.

Upper piece created and tacked into place

I then start on the lower piece on the passenger side. Since I didn’t have to mess will the filler neck on this side I left the original support.

Another upper piece in place.

After I finished welding everything up I sealed the edges with seam sealer and painted everything.

EXTERIOR METAL WORK COMPLETED!!!!!! Now its to all the easy stuff…

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