MX2: Fixing the Bodywork

Quite a bit has been accomplished the past few weeks. Namely thanks to Wil (Sierra Expeditions), Corbin (Zebra Sports) and Tim Joseph who have given me a HUGE hand in helping fix the body filler. THANKS GUYS!!!

Kind of a long story, but the guy that originally started the body filler work apparently didn’t know what he was doing. (Yeah, I’m a little tiffed.) So Wil, Corbin, Tim and I have been working on fixing it to the best we can.

Here I point out the body line that doesn’t align with the bed.

Which you can see here what the metal underneath is like. Bodywork was a hack job!

With a sanding block I start removing the excess material.

My friend Tim came over to give me a hand taking the truck apart while I start the body work.
First the rear bumper swing arm gets removed.

Then the bumper itself.

The bed gets pulled of onto a hydraulic lift. This is so I can raise and lower the bed while working on it.

And then, more sanding.

After the sides get sanded down I work on the roof.

The next day I sand blasted all the primer off of the bed.

Then I ground all the surrounding areas clean.

Both sides of the bed get cleaned up and ready for body filler.

Back to the cab, I try to work on the body lines.

Later on Wil (of Sierra Expeditions) and Corbin (of Zebra Sports) came over to give me a hand.
As you can see by the light green spots there were tons of pin holes in the last guys job.

Wil continued working on patching, then smoothing out the holes in the roof.

Then I added body filler to the welded seams on the bed.

And Wil did some more sanding.

And then I did some sanding. Seems to be a pattern.

The next day I snapped a photo of the roughed out bed body filler and the roof.

Wil took a turn at working on the bed seams with a drill and cleaning wheel.

Turns out Wil has a nack for fixing dents in sheet metal.

He fixed a pretty bad dent below my tail light.

While that was going on I began dismantling the doors, windows and all.

Then I removed the front lights and grill.

Next I pulled off the fenders.

Armed with a drill and sanding pad, Wil cleaned up the weld line for the roof.

Skipping the monotonous steps of applying body filler then sanding it off, we come to the finished work.

Then I find another pinhole, so I fill it in.

A high shot of the truck shows the roof and the many hole patches.

The tail gate gets taken apart and sanded down for a new coat of paint.

Along with the tail gate the fenders, hood and doors get sanded.

While inspecting for problems I found a huge one. These are the holes in the old guys work.

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