Although the lower portion of the bumper was built a few years ago, I’ve decided to keep it and built on additions. Here’s an old photo during early construction.

First things first. Adding a brush guard that will follow the existing contour. Starting with measuring the old main tubing. I cut another similar sized tubing. The length is a few feel longer to accommodate the bends.

With a manual tubing bender I duplicate the curves. I use two pieces of strap bolted together to replicate the angles.

Then place double check my bends. After the angles are correct I measure how high the brush guard will be then calculate where the bends need to start.

With the help of my dad, we square up the tubing so it will bend correctly. Once aligned I make the bends.

Next I dry fit the brush guard where I want it to be. Then measure where the excess material will be trimmed off.

Using a sturdy metal table I square up the guard and make cut marks.

Then I grind off paint on the old bumper where the brush guard will be welded. I use a welding blanked to protect the truck’s body.

I then tack weld the upper loop into place and create the middle supports.

After tacking everything in place I weld everything up.

A few days later I decided to paint the grill after I painted the bumper. The shinny grill didn’t look good with the bumper being black.

Also I welded on a tab for a whip antenna. The antenna is the right height of the Flippac. So I’ll hit the antenna before I hit the camper.

Then I took a bit of a poser shot once I was finished.

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