On to fixing the worn out A-Arms on the front suspension. The stock suspension setup will remain for now as I’m crunched for time and with the weather window for the trip. Since working on suspension is a bit beyond my abilities I head over to California and have my brother Brandon give me a hand. To start polyurethane bushings are cut down to size with a lathe. Bushing sleeves, inner and outer, are also cut down to size.

Next my brother created a jig to make sure all the angles would match the stock A-Arms. The ball joint is a unibal heim with a bolt machined to fit the spindle knuckles.

Once everything is double checked my brother TIG welds all the pieces together.

Side by side, new versus old.

The new A-Arms are attached to the frame then slipped into the spindle knuckle. Although less than depicted in the photo, there is a small gap where the heim sleeve will rest.

To fill the gap and to ensure a tight fit Brandon creates some spacer sleeves. Then he drills out the spindle knuckle to fit the spacer sleeve.

Spacers welded in place and new chromoly A-Arm bolted in place.

Normally I prefer to build everything, however with suspension being crucial I asked my brother to help. Mainly due to his vast experience in race fabrication. Here’s a pic of the Red Bull Pro 2 my brother co-built for Ricky Johnson in the TORC racing series. Needless to say, he’s got me beat on fabrication skills.

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