With gear weight being an issue for fuel range, getting unstuck and generally being a pain. I decided to have a go through with all of my gear to make sure there’s nothing I don’t need or something I’ve missed. First I empty out the truck laying everything on the floor.

Then opening up all the bags, containers and what have you on my kitchen equipment.

After checking everything off I repacked everything into the kitchen drawer. The only thing I’ve missed here is dish soap.

Next I move on to the cab interior gear. The two yellow cases hold my cameras and my laptop. The black case is currently empty, though is for random bits we may need and to function as our washing machine. The two sleeping bags are primarily for sound deadening in the cab. But they also can be used if the weather gets colder than expected and to keep gear “out of sight”.

I load the fridge and cases into the extended portion of the cab. Jackets and other small items fit nicely on the National Luna power pack.

Next I stuff one sleeping bag behind the boxes and power pack for noise proofing. Then the second sleeping bag is laid over the cases.

When the truck will be left alone the sleeping bag will be pulled to hide the bright yellow cases. Yeah, I didn’t think of that when I bought the cases.

On to the recovery gear, tools, spare parts, fuel cans, sleeping gear and all the rest.

Since we’ll be carrying tons of gear in a small space I have to meticulously pack away every piece. Even the chains are packed as tightly as possible.

The first layers are placed in the lower storage boxes. This will be the gear not used nearly as often.

The second layers are all the gear that will be used almost everyday. For starters the toilet, glass cleaner, air hose and fuel filler.

Although currently empty, the top right drawer will be used for dry or canned food storage and hold the stove itself.

Now all I have left are the larger items left. If you look at the original gear shot you’ll see how much by comparison was stuffed into the composite drawers. Most of this gear will be set around the drawers. The Hi-Lift and Maxtraxx will be attached to the exterior of the truck.

The fuel cans are set behind the drawers first. Then all the rest gets places along the sides.

My mind is a little more at ease knowing I have all the equipment I need. I would like to shed more of it, though I’m pretty much down to the basics. The squeegee is probably the only piece that’s really not necessary. (Update: over time I slimmed this down even further.)

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