MX2: Rear Bumper Fuel Can, Lock & Lights

With fuel range being very important I calculated how much extra fuel I would need for maximum distance. I came up with 20 gallons in addition to the 14 gallon stock tank. The 20 gallons will be split into four 5 gallon fuel cans. Three of which reside in back of the drawers. The fourth will be mounted to the bumper. To start the fuel can mount I build onto the existing loop on the bumpers swing arm. Two cross beams are made to attach the holder.

A fuel can holder is made from sheet steel then lined with rubber strips for noise control.

On the underside of the loop I attach a small section of square tubing to keep the strap from moving.

Finally the fuel can is set in place and strapped down. This can will be empty most of the time. It will only be filled when we are expected to travel a long distance.

For safety reasons I weld on two tabs on the exterior of the bumper and swing arm. This is so I can lock the swing arm open when camping and avoid anyone potentially locking us inside.

On the opposing side I weld on two additional tabs to lock the swing arm closed. This will make it very difficult for anyone trying to break into the rear of the truck.

I’m going to experiment on the next part a little. I got some more LED strips, but this time in orange. I place one at the end of the Flippac’s window, over the cooking area. I placed another above the window pointing towards the drawers.

Though the lights are much brighter in the photo, the idea is to have low light while cooking to avoid attracting bugs. I choose the color orange as opposed to red since red makes you color blind.

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