MX2: Rear Bumper Kitchen

I decided to create a shelf that folds down from the rear bumper. Since I’ll be cooking outside, this extra space will come in handy. First I pickup some hinges and stainless steel cable.

Then I measure the area needed for the shelf and cut a piece of sheet steel.

I notch the ends and bend all the edges 90 degrees.

Next I mock-up where the hinges should go for weight distribution then drill holes.

The corners get welded and cleaned up.

Small reinforcing strips are welded across the bottom side inline with the hinges.

After cooling I bolt the hinges in pace, square the shelf up on the bumper then weld the other portion of the hinge in place.

To hold the shelf in a level position I use the stainless steel cable. A small bolt is welded on the upper tubing on the swing gate. Another bolt is added at the shelf’s far corners.

For securing the shelf when stored away I pickup some small cam latches.

I need a pace for the latches to grab on to, so I weld on a small piece of steel above the shelf.

Another little piece is welded vertical giving the latch an edge to grab on to.

Two of these are created then the latch body is screwed into place.

Once completed, I take the shelf apart to be sand blasted.

After cleaning a quick paint job is applied.

The steel cable connections are backed with two washers and two nuts. This allows the cable to move a little when opening the closing the shelf.

Strips of foam are added where the shelf will hit. This is to stop any rattling.

Once the paint is dry everything gets reassembled.

Now I have a nice wrap around cook area and work space.

To further support the swing gate I build an upper hinge. Starting with a scrap piece of the same diameter inner tubing, I insert it into the top of the hinge.

Next I mark the right side tail gait latch holes and length onto a piece of strap steel.

I then drill the holes, cut to length, clean up the edges and install.

An angle is cut onto the remaining strap steel and tack welded between the hinge and bolt plate.

Now I trim off the excess strap steel and full weld up.

After the upper hinge is reinstalled I add an angled brace.

Both sides are fully welded.

To finish off the top I weld on a domed cap.

A few minutes with the grinder cleans the rough edges, then I sand blast clean.

Then I give it a quick paint then install.

Adding the additional shelf space led me to create a special mount for my stove. First I mockup the position of the stove at the swing gate’s rear.

I use more of the smaller diameter tubing that slides into the end of the lower support. The tube is bent to the back of the stove.

Next I cut some square tubing that will slide into the stove.

The square tubing and a cap get welded on.

After creating the support arm I start on a mount. A larger diameter square tube is used inside the stove to keep the stove from rocking side to side.

A 4 inch by 4 inch plate is welded onto the tubing.

Everything is slid into place.

Do keep the whole stove arm from flopping around the end of the swing gate is notched a quarter inch.

The reverse notch is cut on a larger diameter tube and welded on the stove support arm.

Refitting everything I drill holes and place the mount and cut a hole in the rear of the stove.

As a test I pace a pot full of water on the stove.


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