On to the body protection. I’m not going to go crazy here, just something simple. With the same material used for the bumper I cut two pieces to length.

Then I cut an angle on one end for tire clearance.

The angled ends get closed off by welding a fitted plate.

Next the welds get ground smooth.

Using the hydraulic lift I position one side at the correct slope.

Then I tack weld into place and repeat on the other side.

Next I create a plate to cover the corner. I use a die grinder to make inside cuts allowing me to bend easily.

After clamping in place I start welding.

After the seams are welded up I create top and bottom parts, which are also welded on.

Once both corners are finished they get ground down for smooth edges.

Next a coat of paint gets slapped on.

Now the bumper’s major components are done. Mounts for a fuel can, shovel, an ax and the stove arm are still needed.

You can see now I have very good departure clearance.

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