After a few test runs I had my shock tabs rip off the frame. Back at the shop I cleaned up the cross supports surface and re-welded the broken shock mount (left). Though the right mount didn’t break I ran a few extra welds, just in case.

Then I cut 1/4 inch plate for reinforcements. I drilled holes for additional welds attaching to the existing structure. The larger hole is drilled where the mount is.

Next I crank up the amperage and go crazy welding.

Though the top material isn’t very thick I add gussets anyways. Afterward I give it a coat of paint. I would still like to tie the new 1/4 plating to the frame somehow with a 90 degree gusset, but with the frame only being 1/8 thick I’m concerned with tearing off a chunk of the frame.


Update on the shock/mount problem. A few weeks ago I sent my broken shock out for a rebuild and to replace the damaged line. Once I got the fixed shock back I reinstalled both of them with the remote reservoirs hanging off the back. I’ll leave them like so until I test out the new mounts. Once I feel comfortable the mounts are sturdy then the remote reservoirs will be remounted up higher.

I’ve also installed limiting straps on the front suspension. Still need to replace the worn out bump stops.

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