Originally purchased as a parts donor vehicle for the MX2, I quickly realized the condition of the Explorer was too good to rip apart. Between working on the MX2, I started outfitting the Explorer (aka MX3) with all the old equipment removed from the MX1. With my priority on the MX2 I never really did much, though the results turned out good.

Here’s what the Explorer looked like when purchased. Pretty clean and stock.


One of the first modifications was the front bumper. At first it was a simple bumper. I didn’t get too crazy with it.

Later on I decided to add a top loop to the front bumper. I’ve never really like the front grill of Ford Explorers. To me they are ugly. A slightly boxy body with a curvy front. Doesn’t match up well. So in my effort to try to make it a little better I expanded the bumper to break up the over curvy grill and headlights.

Antenna mount on the top loop.



I added the two Hella Rallye 4000 lights I had on the bumper as well.


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