In preparation for my Baja trip in 2009 I built a roof rack to hold a roof top tent. Nothing too crazy, just a loop and couple cross supports enough to carry the tent

In order to get to the roof from the inside I had to remove the headliner.

The main loop all welded up and ready to go into place. I made six brackets that bolted through the roof.

Welding main tube to brackets.

Here’s a close up view of the brackets.

The roof rack was pretty low. As a result, the cross braces needed a slight bend to clear the roof.

After the rack was finished I bolted on a borrowed Hannibal roof top tent.

Since I only borrowed the tent I made the roof rack flat. Had I bought one I would of made an upper loop for the front. Looks funny from the side and back as it is.

The rack worked out great on my trip through Baja.

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