MX5: Rear Door & Tarp Awning

I started working on the rear door shelf. I painted the underside of the door latch black. This was done to avoid spending a lot of time fitting the old latch cover.

The backing board was made by measuring the area first. Then using a piece of cardboard to copy the curves. I used a hole saw to cut the door latch hole. I then painted it and attached it do the door.

Further tinkering with the Disco, I played with the idea of having a tarp awning for the rear. I got a Coleman tent pole to hold up one corner and tied the rest of the tarp to the Disco. Yeah, a redneck awning. The end result worked, though could definitely be better. I first set it up during the night in the wind. Turned out to be decent at blocking wind. Enough to cook by. Overall it stayed attached to the Disco for a total of 3 days. The final day was windy and pulled out the tent stakes.

I’m thinking now of building a nice awning that attaches to the roof. Something like a Hannibal.