MX5: Sleeping Platform

Its time I spend a little time on the Disco again. I’ve debated for a while about building a sleeping platform inside the Disco, though never actually did it. Well, I’m going forward and making it happen. After searching the web I didn’t find too many people who’d done something similar. So far the best setup I’ve seen was done by Chazz Layne in his Disco II, which is part of the inspiration for my build. My platform will be 10 inches tall with access from the front and rear for equipment. I have some scrap wood from a few other projects that I’ll be using to save money. I measured and cut out the base board to start.

In the morning I got up and got cutting all the boards to length. Then I glued & screwed them to the base plywood.

Top boards cut and fastened.

The front portion is hinged. This is to extend the sleeping area to a total of 6 feet long. In order to do this the front seats have to be pushed all the way forward. I had to make a notch for the center console as well.

When flipped back I have access to the storage underneath. I don’t like that the boards extend so far forward. It kills space when the bed is folded up. I might do a bit of trimming, though I’ll have to think on it for a bit.

The two outside storage sections are open from one end to the other. I figured, since my gear situation is always changing, this allows me to toss in different sized items.

The center section has a cross support, otherwise the whole thing would collapse. In the rear cubby I tossed in my food containers. I didn’t plan for these to fit that nicely. It just happened to work out that way.

Even a well enough fit that I have room for my cook set, fuel, cups, bottle of dish soap and some more room. Its awesome when things turn out perfect completely by chance. On the left cubby I have my 5 gallon water jug, box o shower stuff, pooper bags and pee bottle. The right side just has my PICO chair for now.

Up front in the middle is all my tools, small recovery gear items and my first aid kit.

On each side in the front are 5 gallon NATO fuel cans. I thought keeping the heavy items closer to the front would be better.¬†Next I need to figure out a good way to secure all the stuff. I don’t need any missiles coming at me if I slam on the brakes.

The best part is just passing by you’d have no idea that I had everything inside. I’ll eventually be doing limo tent on the rear windows to give some privacy when sleeping.

I figured out what to do with the extra portions. Extend the base board and make them room for storage.

The middle was given a full end board to enclose my stuff from moving around. The outside was given 6″ tall caps to keep the fuel cans from sliding out.

The partial cap was needed so I could get the cans out.

Also the top board was cut down for few reasons. When the seats are pushed back to drive I have to flip the board backwards. So all my gear is visible. I could roll the foam mattress over everything, but having a hard surface would be nice. With the new shape I can keep all my gear out of sight, even stuff on the floor board. I can access the gear with the seats in any position this way.

I can also toss stuff in from the front seats. I may make a movable divider to keep tools pushed to the back.

On the floor board has 6 1/2 inches of height to toss my backpack and clothing bags.

Now I need to figure out a way to have support for the sections I cut out. I’d like to avoid bolting it via hinges from where they were cut off. That would make too many moving parts attached to one surface and could get annoying.

PAINT! Yeah, not my best work but it will be covered by a foam mattress. Mixed a couple colors to get the right tan to match the interior. Then I ran out and used a lighter color in the middle. Kind of expected that though. Hey, this is a budged build…remember? After all, the paint I used is the leftover from the mixing colors I used to make the Land Rover Green. Yep…

Once the paint was dry I bolted it down. I didn’t paint the rear portion, though may paint the ends of the boards down the road.

I loaded all the gear and tools back inside.

A view from the driver seat with the lid closed and then the bedding laid down.

The bedding right now is a 1.5 inch memory foam pad with a sleeping bag. I’d like to get a 4 inch foam pad. Then make a custom cover for it that has seams sown in so the pad will flip back.

On the left side I attached my small fire extinguisher.

The final sleeping area is 50 inches wide by 72 inches long and 34 inches of head room.