After sitting in AZ for 2 years I finally got the truck shipped to my place in California. Overall, the truck is still in good shape. It has some rust under the paint in spots. The driver door kicker panel needs to be cut out and replaced. The plan right now is to rebuild the motor. Its got 200k since its last overhaul when I was 13. Needless to say we cheaped out on the rebuild. My dad and I cleaned all the internal parts, including pistons and lifters. We didn’t replace the cam either. New rings and bearings were added. We did use plasti-gauge and make sure tolerances were still good. Other than that its all the same internal components that have probably another overhaul on them. Probably 450k+ miles on the components.

I pulled the heads off and the cylinders look good. The valves themselves are starting to break down. The tops are chipping and one is pretty bad. Bad enough the rocker slides off and doesn’t open the exhaust valve, so it backfires. Thats why I parked it a while ago. Didn’t want to mess with it at the time. So, now I’m probably going to build a nicer motor or buy a crate motor. Leaning more towards a crate motor since it has a 3 year warranty. Building a nice motor myself is a little less, but I’d rather have a way to quickly replace it if something does go bad. I’ve got the motor torn down to the block, which I need to post up some pics.

I decided for now to get the truck back on the road and fix what is need. Though I still plan to put a newer motor in down the road. I had a shop replace one valve that was messed up and got a bunch more done. All new valves, valve seats, valve guides, valve seals and head resurfaced.

Got the block cleaned up, head installed and tightened to spec, intake and exhaust manifolds bolted back on this weekend. Still need to have the carb cleaned and valve lash set. Then I can finish connecting everything back up and go for a drive!

I got the engine all back together. My brother rebuilt the Holley 4bbl carb for me. So its all pretty much a new top end.

In my excitement for getting ready to fire the truck up I sliced my finger pretty good. Down to the bone. The funny part is my nick name for my nieces and nephews is Uncle Nubs. Apparently I was trying to live up to my name. I ended up getting 6 stitches and a tetanus shot.

After getting back from the hospital I picked up my mess and called it a night. Kept getting light headed. The cut was a gusher. I would post a pic of my sink after cleanup, but I don’t think it would go over too well.

Saturday morning I poured fuel into the fuel line at the carb to prime the manual pump and put 5 gallons in the main tank. Then I gave it a crank. Fired up first try! I adjusted the timing by feel, checked fluids, let the motor get to 180 deg and run for a bit. Then I took the truck for a spin after almost 3 years of being parked. Freaking awesome! I need to get a timing light to set the timing better and a new set of tires and it’ll be good to go.

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