Old City Cartagena – Part 2

Leaving the beach we headed back to the boat. Hernando still wasn’t feeling that great and wanted to sleep a bit. So he dropped me off back at the old city so I could see everything in the day. I strolled around town popping into a few shops that were open. I also walked on top of the huge coral walls outlining the city. Everything about the town is very nostalgic of the Spanish’s occupation. Great architecture. Walking though the streets feels like I’m going back in time and schemes of Pirates of the Caribbean are flashing through my head. Last night was great to walk around the city with nightlife buzzing and today seeing the second side is a must do for anyone. While inside the city streets I was approached by many more persistent sales people. I just kept my composure and ignored most of them after I told them “No gracias.” At one point I did have a guy follow me for a while. “Hey my United States friend. Maybe you like a Colombian women.” “Wow, that’s new” I thought. Never been approached by a pimp before.

As the sun was setting my phone rang. Hernando was on his way to pick me back up. When he arrived I jumped in and we headed back to the boat. The rest of the evening we lounged around. Sophie made some sandwiches from the leftover chicken the night before. She also made some smoked tuna later on that was delicious. The rest of the night we watched local news and I attempted to learn more Spanish. Then it was off to bed. One more nigh on the boat.

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