In the morning I woke to everything drenched. The camper leaked at the ledge had a puddle of water. No one was awake, so I tossed some money through the broken pain of glass in the kitchen door. I found where I was with the Delorme map. I was 20 miles south from the road. I headed back and found the correct road. From there I kept loosing my way with the labyrinth of junctions not on any of my maps. I found my way over by asking many people though I was starting to loose my nerve. I only had 8 gallons of gas left, $300 pesos and no food. I needed gas and an ATM. I eventually found my way out of the big mountains, but the road plummeted almost strait down into a ravine. Once at the bottom of the ravine I found a small village clinging to the walls and a river. I popped out into a small village afterwards. As i was asking a guy where I was a helicopter flew overhead. He continued to explain and off I went. As I headed out I saw wreckage off to my left and tons of people standing and staring. The guy I talked to was passing my headed to the scene. Although there were tons of people I didn’t see anyone headed over to help or see if everyone was ok. I was kind of disgusted.

Though a frustrating day I finally found my way to the highway where I headed to Culiacan. I got some cash from an ATM and some basic food and headed off to Mazatlan. I didn’t get there until late and pulled into an auto hotel after driving around the beach areas looking for camping. At the hotel I had a covered spot for my truck, a mirror above my bed and a shower, what else could I need?


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