Onto the kitchen gear! I’ll start with the most important piece of equipment. The stainless steel National Luna 40 liter fridge/freezer. Needless to say the fridge is absolutely awesome! Now I’ll be able to store food for much longer periods, especially in other countries were food is fresh and has no preservatives. Then there’s the handy always cool beverage while camping. While bench testing I set the thermostat to -30 Celsius then hit the turbo button. The fridge cooled down very quickly.

Inside are three baskets making the lower portion easily accessible.

The fridge’s home will be behind the passenger seat. This will give me easy access while sitting in the driver seat. The fridge comes with a 120 volt and 12 volt plugs. The 12v cord has a Hella style connector on one end. This plugs strait into the National Luna power pack

The National Luna 40L is a perfect fit even with the passenger seat slid back and the fridge’s lid open. Since I’m unable to use the slide tray that normally secures the fridge, I’ll have to make a custom mount.

With me not being a battery expert and having problems with my recent Optima batteries, I asked someone who I though was intelligent at the time their opinion. His answer was Deka AGM batteries. So for my power needs I’ve gone with two Deka AGM batteries. One starting battery (Intimidator) and one marine battery for the camper and fridge.

The marine battery fits perfectly in the power pack. Now I’ll have the power to run the fridge when the engine isn’t running.

The starting battery gets installed in the engine bay. A tight fit as I modified my battery tray to use a group 34 battery size. I may need to trim some metal a bit.

With having a fridge comes carrying bottles, so I picked up a classic style bottle opener and mounted to the trucks bed.

The stove I’ll be using, like many, runs on propane. Since I don’t want to jungle tons of small canisters I picked this 5lb tank with aluminum bracket.

I then mounted the propane tank on the inside of Flippac near the cooking area I made on the bumper.

I found a propane line that connects to the standard US propane bottle fitting and the stoves fitting. Unfortunately I wasn’t able to find a long enough line to use my stove mount.

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