I headed out at 5 am since my time had run out for the hotel room. While crossing down town Durango I ended up running a red light. And It didn’t go unnoticed. I was pulled over and asked for my license. He told me I could pay the fine at 9 am. I told him I was headed out of town. It was raining and the cop didn’t want to be out in it so he got back in his car with my license. After a short while the cop pulled up next to me and rolled down his window. He mentioned the fine and 9 am again at somewhere I didn’t know. I asked if I could pay him since I wouldn’t be here. He debated for a minute. He asked how much. I pulled two $500 pesos bills from my wallet and showed him. He said he would escort me out of town and I could pay him for that. With lights flashing he took me to the edge of town and pulled over, all with him still holding my license. He came up to my window and slyly slipped my license back to be and took the $1000 pesos I had. Told me the road was strait ahead. I said thanks and off I went.

The rest of the day was spent on tollways getting as far as I could to the Gulf of Mexico. A few of the towns I passed such as Aguascalientes and Irapuato were very nice. Some where the hallmark of a slum. Ended up at another auto hotel in Queretaro. The truck wouldn’t fit in the garage so I had to park outside. Worked out fairly nice as I have a small slide window I can look at check on the truck here and there. Tv also has fox sports, watched some motocross as I catch up on trip finances and video production.

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