Hernando, Sophie and myself headed back to Barranquilla in the morning. Then I turned around and headed to Santa Marta at noon on a shuttle service that picked me up from Hernando’s shop. Ended up staying at a hostel in the down town area. Not many people were here when I checked in.

So I left my bag and headed out to find something to eat. I walked around a good while. Up and down the main strip where all the locals cluttered the walkway with their goods. On the way back to the hostel I finally found a restaurant. It was set back in a long hallway. I had to take a double take to make sure it was a restaurant. I walked into a wide open room with only two other people eating. I sat down. A tall bald guy, who looked to be of Syrian decent, came over and asked what I would like. In my broken Spanish I ordered carne. A little while went by when a bowl of soup was set in front of me. First taste I found a large bone. I removed it and kept eating. The soup was very good. Not sure what was it in, other than chunks of bone. Just about when I was full a huge plate of steak, rice and a salad appeared. Colombians eat a lot apparently. I ate about half the plate and couldn’t stuff anymore down. I asked for the bill. $6000 pesos, about $3.20 us. I don’t think you could buy the soup for that much is the US.

I headed back to the hostel after that. Bunch of people were there now. I sat on the back patio for a while. A couple people came out to sit as well. One guy, Stuart, was from Oregon and has been busing his way up from Paraguay. The rest were mostly travelers in Colombia only from all over including the Australian bunch, French, Slovakian, Spanish and one guy from Holland. The funny thing about the guy from Belgium was he ships older Toyota FJ’s to a guy in Flagstaff, AZ. Small world. The rest of the night became a party atmosphere. It was one of the Australian’s birthday so a surprise cake was in order. Midnight hit and I crashed while everyone carried on.

The next day was a pretty laid back day today. Just walked the beach most of the day. In the evening a few other people arrived who had stayed here a day or two before. At dinner time though the owners of the Hostel had a BBQ. Great food and a good time. The receptionist came for the event with his guitar and played most of the night. After having a few beers we held an election for a president of Montumbola. A land slide win for the current owner, though in his campain speach he vowed to kick everyone out that didn’t vote for time. Slightly rigged.

Spent the first part of the day walking around and laying on the beach watching the ships being pushed around by tug boats. Came back to the hostel and ended up talking with a couple of the guest for a few hours. Some of them headed out for another town. The Chinese girl I met and I ended up going to lunch/dinner at a place owned by an American. Had a chicken sandwich with a mint mango smoothie. After eating we decided to go to Taganga for the night.

So far I’ve met people from the following countries. Holland, Indonesia, France, Brazil, Chile, USA, Australia, Slovakia, Spain, and of course Colombia.

In the morning I got up and walked around town a lot and went into some of the market streets. Picked up a couple gifts for my nieces. Also spent a good amount of time at the beach. About 3 or so I went back to the hostel for some computer time. Sander showed up later and we talked about all sorts of thins. Politics, language and the funny translations in my Spanish book. He made some chicken for dinner and offered some to me. Also finished of the rice from the BBQ the other day.

After a week relaxing and wandering around I headed back to Barranquilla.

Tons of cool rigs all over. This one has seen better days though.

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