Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta – Part 2

In the morning everyone got up and lounged around. Mostly talking, about what, I couldn’t tell. We planned to go up to the top of the mountain, but took a while to get everyone loaded into the vehicles and on the trail. The trail was fairly easy with a few cross axle spots needing a bit a maneuvering. At the top there was a radio tower and off to the other side was an overlook. Unfortunately the cloud covered the highest peak of the Sierra Nevada. There was still a great view. We headed back to the cabins. A few of us went for a hike through the jungle to a water fall. We messed around climbing all over then headed back out. More talking. Then we packed up and hit the trail back down. Not before a few discussions popped up. Down past Minka we pulled of the road and had an “off road bbq” of the leftovers. Finishing up we headed back to Barranquilla.

At the top we were greeted with an amazing view. Clouds covered the summit, which was thought to still have snow on top.

We hiked up to a water fall near the cabin. It was a cool spot and the water was freezing. That didn’t stop a few from sticking their heads under the water.

More adventure climbing a steep incline.

The trip up the mountain ended my visit to Colombia. I wanted to stay longer, though I had a 24 Hour Mountain Bike Race I agree to be a part of. Had it not been for my previous agreement, I would of just stayed and backpacked around Colombia. The people are extremely friendly, welcoming and a far distant cry of the imagery people from the USA imagine. The food is equally as good. Every meal I had in country was good if not excellent. Colombia, I will return some day.

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