I headed back to AZ for a week for work. While I was back I managed to escape the heat for a day up in a cool spot a couple hours from town. Just one of my random drives that I take. At the top I sat and watched the monsoon roll in and the sun go down.

Heading towards Superior, AZ.

Tunnel east of Superior.

Queen Creek Canyon. There’s a lot of rock climbing spots in this area.

Miami, AZ

Old car just sitting. Would be cool to get a hold of one of these and restore.

Heading up the mountain.

View looking South

General direction towards Tucson, AZ.

Up at the top there are a few cabins.

At the end of the road are radio towers.

Truck was overheating a little. So I popped the hood after I stopped.

At the a top I head to my usual spot to sit and relax, watching the storm roll through.

Sun finally heads over the horizon.

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