Smelly Biker in New Mexico

Moonscapes were the view from my tent in the morning as the sun came over the hills. Not a cloud in the sky. Crazy considering it was going to rain heavy again today according to the weather report. So much for forecasts. I started my new daily routine of packing all the gear back onto the bike. After that I headed for breakfast in town and then back on the road. My original intention was to take US highway 60 most of the way to the East Coast. To me route 66 was over done and I’ve always ended up living near some portion of the US 60. Not to mention the 60 ran through downtown Charleston, WV. Which is where I am headed. Leaving Socorro I head out on the interstate. As I got closer to the 60 turn off I had an uneasy gut feeling. Something didn’t sit well. Having learned my lesson from ignoring that gut feeling in the past, I continue on to Albuquerque instead.


I arrived in Albuquerque around 9 AM and wandered through town looking for a coffee shop. I needed to charge my phone and laptop. After a while I couldn’t find anything. My dead phone was no help either. I stopped for gas and asked a few people where I could find a coffee shop. I was told on Central was where everything was. Eventually driving a few miles down Central I found a Starbucks. I spent my time there while waiting for everything to charge to get some work done. A few hours later I packed back up and hit the road again. I went east on Central which was Route 66, till I hit interstate 40. From there I stayed on the interstate till Tucumcari, NM.


The ride was pretty boring most of the day. A few clouds rolled in and rained a little. That is till the sun started going down. Then the heavy rains came. Once again I got soaked. Riding though the rain next to semi’s was kind of sketchy to say the least. I was going slower to keep from freezing and keep people from ridding my tail.


I was planning to camp again tonight, but with all my gear wet and more rain on the horizon, I decided to get a hotel room. Which turned out to be a good idea to help get all my gear dry. I laid all of my stuff out all over the room, and with a spark of redneck ingenuity, even washed some of my closes in the tub. Once I showered I stepped out of the hotel to find some food. On my return a wall of musk smacked me in the face when the door to my room was opened. Dang! I can only imagine what the cleaning ladies thought in the morning…lol.


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