Shuttle Launch. To watch the shuttle launch I parked on a small island for the road between Cocoa Beach and Merritt island. Glen & Victoria from Trinidad talked to me for a while. They live in Orlando currently and use to live in New York City. Glen wants to buy a sail boat and travel the South Pacific. His wife didn’t seem to like the idea.

“Look there it goes,” people shouted, “go baby go.” A low rumble grew into a loud roar. Within a few seconds the craft was starting to arc eastward. Carrying a payload for the International Space Station. One of the astronauts on board was originally a teacher for the Challenger mission.

Now 7 years after this launch, I’m glad I got to see it. At the time the shuttle program ended shortly after. The cool thing for me is when I was a kid I got to see the shuttle land out in Edwards Air Force Base. Now I’ve got to see takeoff of this closed chapter of space exploration!

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