The Dalton Highway… Four hundred and fourteen miles of mostly dirt roads. This was my main goal in Alaska, to drive as far north as possible on dirt. Sitting in Fairbanks I stuff every possible drop of fuel into the tanks for the long haul. Here I go. The drive north was awesome! Beautiful scenery, miles and miles of it. Sunlight shined down for quite a while. This threw me off a little. Not realizing the time I continued late into the evening. Around 10 pm the sun finally disappeared over the horizon. Anxious to reach Prudhoe Bay, and quite delirious at this point, I drove into the early morning. Signs of exhaustion started to show as I stared aimlessly into nothing while hugging the wheel. My eyes started playing tricks with me as well. Green blobs were all over. Wait a minute, that’s not my eyes, that’s the northern lights. Surprising it moves slowly to my belief. Quite an awesome sight. Blowing snow affixed my attention back on the road. Moments from pulling off the road to sleep for a while, I began to see lights on the horizon. It was Prudhoe Bay. I finally made it around 4 am. Time to pass out.

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