All interstate driving today as I nurse the truck into Tooele, Utah. Some of the roads made the passenger side bounce uncontrollably. You don’t realize what parts really do until you beak them. Stopping by a auto parts store I picked up an electric fan and 2 shocks then headed for my families house. Once I got to Tooele, UT I relaxed the rest of the day. Over four weeks of driving strait can be draining.

My path has change completely within the past week. Traveling though Colorado I ran into a few vehicle problems. Up around 10,000 feet in the mountains I broke the left front shock forcing me to remain on paved roads. Later in the day the fan clutch gave out overheating the motor and cutting out my remaining trip through Colorado and into Moab. I headed to Tooele, where some family of my resides, for repairs and a bit of rest and relaxation. I’ve met tons of people and have had fun. Since I’ll be waiting a week for parts I’ll have time to update my journals.

Caught up on posts, check. Truck fixed, not quite. Just an update on the breakdown. More parts broke that I originally noticed. Once I pulled everything apart I found the radiator sides were ready to fall off and the thermostat was stuck shut. I should have the new radiator this Tuesday if all goes well. Also replaced the brake pads, probably due to the past month’s distance driven.

My next leg will land me in Montana and depending how the truck handles I may continue far north. Yep I’m talking Alaska. I’m excited, but there is a lot to do before I get there especially with Winter rolling in.

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