XT1: Final Bits & Painting The Trailer

I like to over build. Good example is where the chassis tubes are split for the tongue.

With the trailer on its side I weld up all the small bits I couldn’t get to from the top.

Before I flip back over and set up on jack stands I use the pallet scale to weigh in. So far what you see is 390 lbs. Not too bad.

In between doing the metal work I decided to start figuring out what color to paint the trailer. At the paint store I picked a color I though would look good. Turned out the name of the color was “money.” The color swatch looked good at the store, though once back at the shop the color was brighter than I wanted.

So I mixed small portions with black and brown to get something I like. I call the new color “dirty money”

I modified the spring plate to add a bit more strength. Also painted them and the other suspension parts.

Welded on the trailer jack attachment point.

Then began to spray primer.

Next I sprayed on the green. It looks brighter in the photos, though is a more of a gray green in person. Might be the lighting.

I painted the everything the green color since I didn’t want to mess around with masking the chassis off over welds.