XT1: Finishing Touches

After things settled down after my Dad passed away, I towed my trailer to California. The trailer towed awesome and I did a small test run down a power line road. Most of the trip I forgot I was even towing anything. Now its to getting it finished up, now that I’ll have it near by. Thanks to Dave Druck of Trasharoo for helping with a Lock and Roll so I could get the trailer towed.

Once I got home to California I resume work. First thing was the kick-out’s.

Next I made the wheel wells / fenders.

I bought an in bed truck took box for tongue box so I had a place to put the battery, trailer jack and other items if needed I went with a wider one for extra storage. Inside is a DEKA AGM Marine battery and a solar charger.

In the main trailer box I wired up a standard 12 volt auxiliary outlet.

Also in the main box is the National Luna Fridge/Freezer.

I hard mounted the fridge vs having a slider.

The trailer is all finished up.