XT1: Making Top Lid & Rear Door

After drying a for a couple days I attach the hinges lid.

On the other side I attach over center latches. They have tabs that stick out to lock with a padlock.

Next I build the rear door.

I use clamps to hold the door in place where I can mark where the door hinges will bolt to.

I drill the holes and bolt everything together.

Welded on some shock mounts then finished painting underneath and inside the box.

The latch arrived today for the rear door. So now I can finish that up.

After the paint dried I attached the springs and axle.

Then set it down on some wheels and the jack.

Next I plasma cut a hole for the latch on the rear door.

I attach the door back on the trailer to figure out how to add a catch.

I had an old cut out from another project that worked perfectly. 3/8 inch plate.

I added some carriage bolts to act as an adjustable stop for the door.

Rear door ready for paint now.

I tossed some gear on the trailer so I have an idea on how to lay everything out and what brackets I’ll need.