I’ve decided to build myself an off-road trailer. Mostly to move all of my gear from both of my vehicles to one tow-able package. This way I don’t need to swap things back and forth. And partly to build something cool again.┬áThe base chassis is 2 x 4 x 0.125 rectangle tubing. I went with 4 inches tall for added strength.

Old Man Emu Dakar leaf springs from Sierra Expeditions along with hardware and led tail lights.

I start by basic assembly of the suspension and axle. Then check for placement.

After I find the axle placement and distances for tire clearance I make kick-outs for carrying fuel cans.

Once all sections are cut and tacked into place I finish welding.

Then I move onto building the upper box. Since I didn’t want to have the added expense of a one off custom sheet metal box I decided to make a frame to adhere panels too.

Off the main box I run additional tubing to connect to the kick-outs for added strength.

Trying to determine placement of the truck oval led lights. I’m thinking I need to find something else.

Demo of what I’m thinking. Room on the kick-outs for a 5 gallon fuel/water can or a 20 lb propane tank.

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