XT1: Paint & Assembly

These are the led tail lights I decided to go with. The trucker oval style doesn’t work well with my design of the trailer.

I installed a standard electrical trailer j-box on the tongue. Now its to assembly and wiring.

Next I primer the lid and rear door.

Then paint. It takes a few days to primer and paint since I had to wait for each side to dry.

Then I paint the hinges.

I use some off the shelf truck bed liner to coat the underside of the tent.

During painting the lid I touch up a few spots like the rear door catch.

A couple days later I coat the other side of the tent’s underside.

Then is on to final assembly.

The last photos posted are from January 10th, 2012. On the 13th my dad passed away and the project was put on hold. Currently the trailer is in a friends garage in Mesa, AZ as I had to vacate the shop. I’m hoping this summer I will be able to bring the trailer out to my new place in Temecula, CA and finish it. There’s really not much left. Ironically I’ll have to trailer the trailer since there is no plate, lights or wheels. More updates to come once I get rolling on the project again.