XT1: Suspension & Paneling Body

Back to suspension. I had new parts cut out to get the trailers axle where it needs to be. High wise that is.

Ruff setup to check if axle is square with chassis.

Once all aligned I weld up the parts and take the trailer outside to check height.

Back inside I swap tires with the Ranger, since they are 32×10.5 tires. I wanted to check clearances and assemble the remainder of the trailer with larger tires.

I also build the tow point similar to how I build Jim’s hard side pop-up trailer.

I then toss on the tent mostly for the hell of it.

Next I weld in the floor cross supports, with one beam stronger to attach shock tabs.

Time for skinning.

I start with the floor section and the front.

Then move onto the sides. I toss on a couple cans just because it makes for a cooler photo.

Once the main body is welded on I start on building the lid.

Then I move onto adding the skin to the lid.

I take off the tires so I can finish up welding where the tires blocked.